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/ColorWell 7.2.4
ColorWell 7.2.4
ColorWell 7.2.4

ColorWell 7.2.4 for macOS - Download Torrent

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    ColorWell 7.2.4
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ColorWell 7.2.4

A Beautiful and Intuitive Color Picker and Color Palette Generator – A necessary addition to any web/app developer’s toolbox!

It’s super easy to generate unlimited Color Palettes with quick access to all color information, and on the fly code generation for app development. The editable Palette database allows you to archive and restore any color palette for later use with super quick search.

Access to the MacOS Color Wheel can be tedious by default, but ColorWell can be configured to show it via global hotkey or a quick mouse click from your system menu bar. This allows you to quickly grab Hex/HSL/RGB and code snippets from any color source.

If you’ve ever never to quickly generate a color palette from a source (or multiple source) image(s), then the Palette Generator is exactly what you need. You can grab any source image(s) and drop them into the Generator window to generate a color palette of the most common colors present in the image(s). Of course you can save any palettes you generate in the ColorWell Palette database!

Here’s some uses for ColorWell (I’m sure there are many more!):

  • Store and instantly retrieve unlimited color palettes
  • Create color palettes by dragging and dropping images
  • Quickly grab hex / rgb / hsl / swift/objc code snippets from any source.
  • Easily convert between hex / rgb and hsl.
  • Quickly eyeball any hex / rgb / hsl color.
  • Quick conversion of hex / rgb / hsl or the colorpicker into NSColor / UIColor Objective-C or Swift ready code.

What’s New:


  • complete UI refresh
  • Unlimited color swatches now available
  • Swatches can be reordered/removed by drag and drop
  • New contextual menu to clear all swatches
  • New Swatches can be added directly from the colorPicker by drag and drop
  • All color changes to the main color or any of the swatches are now saved to history and can be restored via the history menu
  • Palettes are now synchronised to Apple system palettes!
  • All palettes are now available systemwide for use in any app which uses the macOS colorPicker
  • It is now possible to Import and Export Adobe .ase & Apple .clr files
  • New icons and improved table insert and remove animations in Palettes table
  • It is possible now to add/replace Color Scheme Palettes or Image drop Palettes to the swatches in the main view via contextual menu from the Generator view
  • Color selection for image drops
  • It is now possible to hide the image drag and drop panel in the gernerator view
  • more tooltips in various key locations in the application


  • Fixed naming of palettes
  • Textfield focus is now fixed when window becomes active

Compatibility: OS X 10.11 or later 64-bit

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