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BlueHarvest 8.0.8BlueHarvest 8.0.8

BlueHarvest 8.0.8 for macOS - Download Torrent

BlueHarvest 8.0.8
Category: Utilities
Name: BlueHarvest 8.0.8
Size: 4 mb
Files: BlueHarvest
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BlueHarvest 8.0.8

BlueHarvest is an exterminator for your Mac’s unnecessary Desktop Service Store (DS_Store) and resource fork (_AppleDouble) files. Whether you manage a version control system or just want to maximize your available memory, DS_Store and _AppleDouble files are a nuisance. Get BlueHarvest, and give those superfluous files the boot.

A clean Mac is a happy Mac

    • Keep it clean. Blue Harvest does more than remove existing files — it blocks new ones from being created.
    • Easy interface. With BlueHarvest, a less cluttered Mac is only two clicks away.
    • Instant access. Want to clean up a folder without launching BlueHarvest? Simply control-click.

Compatibility: OS X 10.15 or later 64 bit



BlueHarvest 8.0.8

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