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Sketch 70
Sketch 70

Sketch 70 for macOS - Download Torrent


Sketch 70

Sketch: graphic design for a digital world. Powerful tools and an elegant interface, in a single award-winning package. Because making beautiful things should be a joy, not a burden.

Sketch supports multiple fills, borders and shadows per layer; has powerful non-destructive boolean operations; smart pixel alignment; and makes exporting a breeze with automatic slicing and multiple resolution export.

Vector tools and basic shapes are the foundation; whether you are designing icons, websites, interfaces or anything else. Combine these into complex shapes with non-destructive boolean operations, leaving you free to edit them in the future, then apply advanced layer style options like multiple shadows, fills, gradients, noise, blending, background blurring, and more.

Sketch doesn’t just do shapes, of course. Imported images can be rotated, scaled, cropped and masked. The best-in-class text tool lets you add beautiful typography to your designs, using native font rendering, so you can be sure that text always looks 100% accurate!

Brand new to Sketch 3, Symbols allow you to reuse entire groups of content in multiple places in your design. Think of interface elements such as buttons, headers and footers. Change them once, and they update everywhere in your document.

Built for the Mac, Sketch supports OS X’s Versions and Auto Save, letting you focus on your work instead of hitting CMD+S. Keep your work safely in sync across multiple Mac computers with iCloud. And take Sketch full screen to maximise the size of your canvas.

All this power is deliciously baked into Sketch’s single-window interface. Everything is there, tucked away until you need it. A simple interface with powerful tools.

What’s New:

Version 69:
Color Variables We’re

  • excited to introduce this long-requested feature and one of the final building blocks for a comprehensive design system in Sketch. When you apply a Color Variable to a fill, border or anywhere you can apply solid colors, they’ll stay linked. If you edit a Color Variable, you’ll see that change reflected across every part of your document that uses it. Color Variables replace solid color presets and when you open a document we’ll automatically convert any existing color presets that belong to it. You’ll see the option to create a new Color Variable in the Color Popover.

Components View (Beta)

  • The Components View is a new home for your document’s local Symbols, Text and Layer Styles, and Color Variables. By bringing them together and giving them the space they deserve, we’ve made it easier for you to keep them organized and adjust their properties. In other words, there’s finally a proper place to preview and edit your text and layer styles — and that’s just the start.

Insert Window

  • Alongside the Components View, we’re introducing a new, separate Insert Window that makes finding and inserting components faster than ever. It brings together all of the Symbols, Text and Layer Styles, and Color Variables from your enabled Libraries, and displays them with beautiful, big previews that make browsing easy. Simply press c on your keyboard to open it, start typing to search for the component you need, then drag and drop it onto your Canvas.

What’s improved

  • We’ve added support for Color Variables to the Sketch jаvascript API, so if you’re building plugins or integrations, you can support it, too!
  • Re-ordering layers in grid arrangements, by dragging on their circular center handle, now works in a more natural way. Layers will shift around automatically to avoid adding an extra row or column.
  • When you use the Offset Path tool, we’ll temporarily show you an outline of the original path to give you a better sense of scale.
  • You can now use the Make Grid tool to reduce the size of existing grids.

What’s changed

  • We’ve adjusted our Android Artboard presets, fixing some viewport sizes and adding the latest Pixel and Galaxy devices.
  • When you drag layers, we now use a smarter approach to align them to pixels. This should keep layers aligned more in the way you’d expect, especially for lines.
  • As part of an industry-wide change with Figma and Adobe, we’ve renamed Symbol masters throughout the app. We now refer to a Symbol master as a Symbol Source.
  • There’s now an optional toolbar icon available for the Offset Path tool. We’ve also added it to the Tools item.
  • We’ve been tidying things up ready for a certain operating system update and have moved the controls for Offset Path (Layer > Path > Offset…). You’ll now see the controls in the Inspector instead of a sheet at the top of the Canvas whenever you use it.

What’s fixed

  • Fixes a crash that could occur if you were editing a bitmap layer and using the eyedropper tool.
  • Fixes a bug that caused some of the borders of an instance that had been previously rotated to not always show when fitting an Artboard to it.
  • Fixes a crash that could occur when pasting a layer with invalid text attributes from an old document or from a document that was created with a third-party app.
  • Fixes a bug that wouldn’t show the correct Library source in the Components Popover for Text or Layer Styles that were part of a Library that was duplicated.
  • Fixes a bug that caused high CPU usage when you were viewing layers with blurred shadows.
  • Fixes a bug that stopped color properties from showing in the Find and Replace Color sheet.
  • Fixes a bug that meant bitmaps would not always look sharp at lower zoom levels.
  • Fixes a bug that caused unexpected antialiasing differences on Symbol instances with clipping masks compared with detached versions of that Symbol.
  • Fixes a bug that could change the coordinates of a line when you adjusted the size of the Artboard it belonged to.
  • Fixes a bug that caused overrides to reset or be unavailable when you reopened some documents.
  • Fixes a bug that meant you could set a guide to -0, which felt a little odd, if we’re honest.
  • Fixes a bug that meant values in the Layout Settings sheet would not always display correctly when confirming, canceling or tabbing through the sheet fields.
  • Fixes a crash that could occur if you pressed the tab key in an empty value field while you were creating Custom Artboard Preset.
  • Fixes a bug where changing opacity of a Tint on a Symbol instance would not always work reliably.
  • Fixes various bugs affecting the Text on Path feature to make it more reliable.

Compatibility: macOS 10.14.4 or later 64 bit

Previous version

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