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/Kaleidoscope 2.3.4 (1444)
Kaleidoscope 2.3.4 (1444)
Kaleidoscope 2.3.4 (1444)

Kaleidoscope 2.3.4 (1444) for macOS - Download Torrent

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    Kaleidoscope 2.3.4 (1444)
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Kaleidoscope 2.3.4 (1444)

With text merge, three-way merge, folder comparison, and the ability to ignore whitespace-only differences, Kaleidoscope integrates perfectly with the version-control systems you already use.

FEATURES: Easy Workflow Integration – Subversion, Git, Mercurial, Bazaar, and Perforce support – Works as a fully functional diff or merge tool – Supported by a growing list of GUI source control management apps

Two-Way Text Comparison & Merging – Three powerful display modes – Super-fast diffing of lines and character-level changes – Color coding to spot added, deleted, and changed text

Three-Way Merge – Review code changes and resolve conflicts – Intelligently auto-merge the right content

File & Folder Comparison – Ultra-fast algorithm for finding differences in large folders – Sort and filter down to what matters most – Drill deeper into folders for more detailed comparisons – Copy your preferred files across sources

Powerful Image Comparison – Compare images side by side, stacked, or split – Spot subtle pixel differences with a high contrast “difference mask” Optimized for macOS – Beautiful, modern UI made to feel at home on your Mac – Full-screen mode for focusing on your content – Looks gorgeous on retina displays and works wonderfully with high-resolution graphics

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