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AngelicVibes Thump v1.0.2AngelicVibes Thump v1.0.2...

AngelicVibes Thump v1.0.2 for macOS - Download Torrent

AngelicVibes Thump v1.0.2
Category: Audio
Name: AngelicVibes Thump v1.0.2
Size: 5 MB
Files: AngelicVibes_Thump_v1.0.2_MAC.rar


AngelicVibes Thump v1.0.2

New Multi Effects plugin designed for 808s and Bass. Featuring 7 different parameters, Thump will take your bass to the next level!

– Multi-Effects Plugin
– Designed for Bass
– Smooth Workflow
– Amazing Design
– Works With All DAWs

You can use any of the effects on whatever instrument you want. There’s no right way to use this.

With a new modern and minimal design, this plugin is instantly inspiring and fun to look at.

There’s nothing confusing about it. Everything is right to the point.

All features are exactly what you need to mix your low-end.

We just wanted to make a cool plugin for bass and 808s.

We started with a blank canvas and painted our picture.

Turn one 808 or bass into hundreds of different variations.

AngelicVibes Thump VST VST3 AU v1.0.2 MAC/WiN screenshotWhy Thump?
Created by both AngelicVibes and Hyper Frequency, Thump is the perfect plugin that’ll help you mix and edit all your bass sounds. Instead of using 10 different plugins and making everything complicated, you can easily use Thump and get the results you want. It is a one of a kind plugin with its smooth workflow and amazing design.

What Is Thump?
Push your 808s to their limits and bring out the most diverse sounds possible. We carefully designed Thump from scratch to give your Bass more character. From hard hitting bangers, low filtered bass and drop-defining 808s, Thump is that secret sauce you need for all your beats.

Thump comes with all the essential features to mix and edit your bass. With these features, you’ll be able to turn any bass or 808 into your desired sound. From distortion, lowpass, stereo, limiter, the powerful 3-band EQ and more, Thump will turn anything into a banger.

Thump can be used for any instrument and not just bass. Whether you want to edit your melodies or touch up some vocals, Thump comes with the essential parameters that will help you do just that. The features work for all kinds of instruments.

Thump changelog
Version 1.0.2 – July 2020
– MacOS Catalina support. Signed and notarized.
– Presets will be sorted alphabetically in newer versions of macOS.
– Updated parameter system.
– Updated to use latest VST and AU libraries.
– Minor bug fixes and code optimization.

Version 1.0.0 – July 2018
– released


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