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/Steinberg Absolute 4 Collection
Steinberg Absolute 4 Collection
Steinberg Absolute 4 Collection

Steinberg Absolute 4 Collection for macOS - Download Torrent

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    Steinberg Absolute 4 Collection
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Steinberg Absolute 4 Collection

Get tons of creative instruments with over 100 GB of sound content for every kind of music production. Explore over 6,800 presets, next-generation synthesizers and one of the best drum plug-ins available. And when that is not enough, you can easily build your own sample instruments.

HALion v6.4.0
Retrologue v2.2.20
Padshop v2.0.1
The Grand v3.2.0
Groove Agent v5.0.20
HALion Sonic v3.4.0 based modules:
Symphonic Orchestra
Iconica Opus
Dark Planet
Hypnotic Dance
and many-many other…

Win64/macOS; AAX, VST3, VSTi, AU


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