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Nova Drift 0.29.12Nova Drift 0.29.12

Nova Drift 0.29.12 for macOS - Download Torrent

Nova Drift 0.29.12
Category: macOs Games
Name: Nova Drift 0.29.12
Size: 232.14 MB
Files: nova_drift_enUS_0_29_12_41847.pkg


Nova Drift 0.29.12

Mac Platform: Intel
Includes: GOG

OS version: 10.11+
Processor type(s) & speed: 1 Ghz
RAM minimum: 2 GB
Video RAM: N/A

1) Install
2) Play!

Languages: English, French, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese
Version: GOG DRM Free v0.29.12 (early access)

Nova Drift is a ‘rogue-lite’ space shooter that melds a classic arcade experience with modern action-RPG elements like theory-crafting and deep player choice. Your ship rapidly evolves as you defeat enemies, allowing you to shape its abilities and weaponry to your desires in a matter of minutes. Unlike many ARPGs which can absorb hundreds of hours of time, Nova Drift allows you to take a ship build from inception to execution in a single game session.


  • Create a unique build every run. Games are quick, allowing for rapid experimentation, iteration, and advancement.
  • Cunning and creativity are rewarded as you chain upgrade modules for powerful synergies, reminiscent of deck-building games.
  • Access over 200 modular upgrades as you progress and expand your arsenal.
  • Build to play how you want. Snipe, command a drone army, discharge your shields, charge up, burn enemies with your thrusters, or smash right through them… there’s a way to make it work.
  • Unlock various challenge modes, providing greater risk and rewards. The stakes are high, as death is permanent!
  • Every game is randomly generated, keeping the fight intense and unpredictable. Fight through the campaign or play endlessly

More information: Steam / Developer / GOG


Nova Drift 0.29.12

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