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Aescripts LoadUP v1.66Aescripts LoadUP v1.66

Aescripts LoadUP v1.66 for macOS - Download Torrent

Aescripts LoadUP v1.66
Category: Graphics & Design
Name: Aescripts LoadUP v1.66
Size: 840 KB


Aescripts LoadUP v1.66

Designed to create loading or progress bars, fast and easy. It is ideal for artists who create HUDs, UI elements, infographics, charts, TV/News graphics etc.

Designed to create any type of loading or progress bar, fast and easy. No more aligning, masking and fiddling around with expressions to create a simple bar. LoadUP! creates all the necessary shape and text layers, inserts key expressions and adds convenient effect controls for easy customization.

LoadUP! can be run as a dockable panel (will be visible and run from the “Window” menu in After Effects) or in “window” mode” (visible and run from the File -> Scripts menu).

The mode depends on which folder you install the script in.
Great care has been taken to make sure that most properties controlled by LoadUP! expressions is unlocked and editable.

The text layer(s) that the script creates is completely independent. This means you can edit, move, scale, rotate, etc. the layer in relation to the bar. You can even delete the text layer you want without affecting the functionality of the script.



Aescripts LoadUP v1.66

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