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The Gateway Trilogy 1.1 (38275)The Gateway Trilogy 1.1 (...

The Gateway Trilogy 1.1 (38275) for macOS - Download Torrent

The Gateway Trilogy 1.1 (38275)
Category: macOs Games
Name: The Gateway Trilogy 1.1 (38275)
Size: 378.69 MB
Files: the_gateway_trilogy_enUS_1_1_38275.pkg


The Gateway Trilogy 1.1 (38275)

Mac Platform: Intel
Includes: GOG

OS version: 10.6.3
Processor type(s) & speed: 1.8 GHz
RAM minimum: 1 GB
Video RAM: N/A

1) Install
2) Play!

Languages: Czech, English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish
Version: GOG DRM Free v1.1 (38275)

Gateway is an award-winning minimalist puzzle adventure set in a desolate black void. The Gateway Trilogy includes remastered versions of the first two games – plus a never-before-seen third installment.

Gateway has a deceptively simple premise: guide a character through a series of rooms, solve puzzles to progress. But underneath the stark presentation lurks hidden convolutions.

Gateway I & II
Gateway I & II were originally released as freeware back in 2006 and 2007. For the trilogy edition they have been completely remastered with enhancements to sound, gameplay and visuals – along with the addition of a never-before-seen third installment.

If you’ve never played the previous Gateway games, this is by far the best way to experience them. If you’ve already played them, don’t miss the chance to experience them again in this spruced up and expanded edition.

Gateway III
Gateway III – the lengthiest installment in the series by far – is a completely new addition that loosely builds upon the previous games in surprising and discomforting ways.


  • Trilogy: Enjoy an entirely new part of the quietly unsettling Gateway series
  • Remastered: Appreciate the reworked music, gameplay and visuals
  • Story: Experience strange and ambiguous stories
  • Puzzles: Solve tricky puzzles in an abstract minimalist void
  • Hard mode: Tackle 40 extra devious puzzles if you feel up for the challenge
  • Commentary: Listen to the creator outline the choices behind the game’s design

More information: Steam / GOG


The Gateway Trilogy 1.1 (38275)

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