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GoodNotes 5.5.0GoodNotes 5.5.0

GoodNotes 5.5.0 for macOS - Download Torrent

GoodNotes 5.5.0
Category: Utilities
Name: GoodNotes 5.5.0
Size: 160 Mb
Files: GoodNotes_5.5.0_MAS__HCiSO_.dmg


GoodNotes 5.5.0

Transform your Mac into smart digital paper and a powerful document management system.Use the same features from GoodNotes’ iPad version on your Mac and work with your documents where you want and when you want.

CREATE, IMPORT, AND EDIT DOCUMENTS ON YOUR MAC * Create digital notebooks and type text with your keyboard or write and draw with the mouse/trackpad or the Apple Pencil using Sidecar on your iPad * Import PDF and images to annotate them in GoodNotes * Add documents from your Mac to existing GoodNotes notebooks via drag and drop PAPERLESS DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT * Organize your documents in folders and create unlimited subfolders * Mark your most important documents, pages, and folders as Favorites to access them quickly * Create custom outlines for easier navigation through your documents * Instant export of documents or pages as PDF via drag and drop ALL YOUR NOTES ALWAYS WITH YOU * Sync your latest changes to your iPad, iPhone, and other Macs using iCloud * Prepare documents on your Mac and pick them up on another device to continuously work on them ESCAPE THE LIMITS OF ANALOG PAPER * Move, resize, and rotate your handwriting or change colors * Draw perfect shapes and lines with the Shapes Tool * powerful & smart eraser tool: Choose to erase the entire stroke or only parts of it. Set it to “Erase Highlighter Only” to leave the ink intact * Navigate through imported PDFs with existing hyperlinks

Compatibility macOS 10.15 or later, 64-bit processor App Store :


GoodNotes 5.5.0

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