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EditReady 2.6.5EditReady 2.6.5

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EditReady 2.6.5
Category: Utilities
Name: EditReady 2.6.5
Size: 45.87 MB


EditReady 2.6.5

EditReady provides easy, fast and powerful transcoding for video professionals, without an overwhelming interface or outdated format choices. MOV, MP4 and MXF media can all be quickly converted to edit ready quicktime movies in ProRes or DNxHD.


  • More than just transcoding – In addition to transcoding to professional formats like ProRes, DNxHD, and H.264, EditReady makes it easy to prep your footage for screening and editing. You can apply LUTs to your video during conversion to set a specific look or convert your Log footage into Linear. EditReady also allows you to override the framerate on your converted files, for pristine slow-motion with your 60p or 120p footage.
  • Smart Metadata Editing – EditReady provides a rich metadata viewer and editor. Modern cameras store GPS data, lens settings, diagnostic data, and more. Manually add location data if your camera didn’t store it, or set a reel name for all of your files. You can even use metadata to generate filenames for your transcoded files.
  • Modern, Blazing Fast, Ready for the Future – EditReady is designed to take advantage of all of the power available on modern Macs. It leverages hardware accelerated video decoding, OpenCL image processing, and every CPU cycle your system has to spare. And EditReady is designed with the future in mind – it’s ready to adopt new formats and workflows.

What’s New:

Version 2.6.5:

  • Resolves an issue converting some ProRes 4444 footage
  • Improved support for MXF-wrapped ProRes
  • Support for a few rare DNxHD format combinations
  • Better sync when converting files with unusual audio timebases
  • Fixes some issues related to retiming clips
  • Adds rotation support to overlays
  • Fixes issue with FCPX “Camera Name” metadata
  • Better handling of GoPro spans when there are more than 100 clips on an SD card

Compatibility: OS X 10.8 or later 64-bit


EditReady 2.6.5

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