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Disk Expert 3.1.1Disk Expert 3.1.1

Disk Expert 3.1.1 for macOS - Download Torrent

Disk Expert 3.1.1
Category: Utilities
Name: Disk Expert 3.1.1
Size: 11 mb


Disk Expert 3.1.1

Disk Expert 3.1.1 finds the biggest files and folders on your Mac. It scans your hard drive volumes and visually displays the disk space usage and makes a list of the most bulky content. It allows you to locate unneeded files and folders quickly using Mac OS X system tools. You can look for a file using Finder tab and preview the file using QuickLook. Disk Expert also lets you gather files and folders into collection, enabling you to rapidly move them to another place, or even delete them.

Supported Volumes:

– HDD volumes

– CD and DVD discs

– Removable USB drives

– Mounted DMG

– SMB disk image

Compatibility: OS X 10.10 or later 64bit


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